Two Outcomes of Fear

Today on a podcast of Design Matters,  Seth Godin was talking about the reason so many people are blocked from moving forward is because of fear.  I started thinking about the fear in my life and how it is very selfish and created because I want people to have a certain perception of me.  Going a little deeper, I believe there actually two outcomes of fear:

  1. Fear of something creates a healthy reverence and respect.
  2. Fear creates moments or even seasons of paralysis.

In the season of life I am in, I often see the second outcome, paralysis.  I fear changing my job role, stability for my family, not leaving a legacy for others, etc.  Then I realized as long I fear the Lord with whole hearted reverence and respect, I have the best advocate for helping me out of those moments when I am frozen in place by indecision, doubt, and selfishness.

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  • Ron Sanchez

    At the age of 63, 64 in less than a month. I could related to what you said, “not leaving a legacy for others.” Oh how I want my life to make a difference after I leave this tent. Blessings!