Can you understand me?

I am constantly surrounded by a very diverse group of individuals. I can name 15 differently languages that can be spoken in my work hallway alone. Compound that with the jargon of work, more acronyms than the military, and multiple mediums of communication, it is truly amazing that anything is well communicated. This is becoming the normal world of business. It is one where time zones, cultures, dialects, colloquialisms all converge into one melting pot.

Silence can be really loud when there is a problem

Communicate often

There was no update in the last 2 weeks. Just silence, crickets, and an occasional rumor that something was amiss.

At the monthly business review, Jack was informed by the development team that the feature they were working on was delayed. Sara was ill, a production bug took twice as long to fix as anticipated, and they had just received the comps a week late. In addition, the Program Manager didn’t update the status last week appropriately that was shared out to the team. A new deadline wasn’t given.