Living a Transformational Life

You can influence the speed of change

Recently, I have tried to take a step back and look at the transformations that are occurring all around me.  I am seeing my seventeen year old now as a young adult making choices for herself, that used to be part of our role as parents.  At work, I see the decisions of last years organizational shifts starting to solidify.  I look in the mirror and see the grey hairs of wisdom where youthful ignorance used to be. My pastor described transformation as a deep changing of the mind, body, and soul to be more like Christ.  The more I dwell upon that definition, the more I think about some of the core elements of our metamorphosis as individuals.

Applying the right focus

Applying the right focus in each situation will enable a outcome that is pleasing to God.  It creates peace and calm instead of complaints and calamity.   Remember, others pay the most attention to your actions when you are in tough situations.  This week I will work to applying that laser focus to God’s will and not my own.