Short talks like this that display basic truths help us to realize we can be more thoughtful.  I am again reminded that soft speech is very powerful and is a great tool to refine.  Always speak in Love and listen in the silence.

Work is what you make it – 10 observations

Working in the field

I was really looking forward to a breakfast talk about work and worship in downtown Seattle.   The cogs of the work engine were grinding and a pleasant change of pace where I could soak in information was just what I needed.  I am glad I wasn’t disappointed. Here are 10 key notes in no particular order from that talk:

The Call Is Not Private

Landing in hot water with myself

I am in hot water with my conscience.

Don’t ever think that you are just talking to a single person over Skype, Lync, or other online meeting communications and that the conversation is private.  As a matter of fact don’t even think that an email is private.  I am doing a lot of reflecting on this today, as I participated as a listener in a call  without being announced.  My conscience bothered me all night and honestly, I didn’t measure up to the ethics and morals that I strongly believe in.  Here is some of the damage that listening in did for me:

  1. I failed myself.
  2. I deceived others.
  3. I intruded on a conversation about me that others thought they had the freedom to share openly.  This also reminded me that I can’t rely on honest feedback.
  4. It eroded trust that I have for people and eventually people have for me.

I have asked to not ever be put in that position again.  In addition, I know that I have some relationship building to do with those I listened in on.  This is hard, because they don’t know it.  I apologize

Empowerment During Change Series: Leading by Serving

Everyone must serve somebody, even if it is yourself. As employees, we server our managers or company. As a husband I serve my family. I state many times that I strive to be a Servant Leader, like the way Jesus was in Philippians 2:5-12. Great leaders embrace the mindset of serving. John F. Kennedy summed it up in a tremendous quote:

Empowerment During Change Series: Leading by Liberating

It is almost a certainty that you and the company that you work for will go through a major change. With every change comes fear, doubt, tension, uncertainty, and anxiety. Good leaders recognize these emotions and work to institute meaningful conversations to reduce the levels. Great leaders empower their employees to overcome these emotions which enables transformational change. Here are a couple of ways they do this.

Empowering The Artist

Embracing Culture Change is a Choice: Leaders can make it easier

Did you get that memo about shifting the way we work?  Have you heard about how the company is focusing in on one mission in the halls?  Are you all in to make a difference for a better workplace?  Is your answer maybe, or I’ll believe it when I see it?  If so you are not alone.  Changing a culture is a monumental effort that takes the very essence of what we are today and breaks us with the intent of rebuilding.  Leaders must ensure that breaking existing culture is done with care while reshaping and molding the brighter future.

Leaders Create A Harbor

Friday Harbor - Double Rainbow

The storms of work are always around us and can flare up at any time from any direction. In our jobs, hopefully there are sunny warm days with only a few scattered showers. Every so often though we hear the call for “man overboard” or feel the waves filled with pressure crashing in on us. We become overwhelmed, distraught, anxious, and stressed over our work situation. It is times like this when we need our leaders to create a safe harbor for us to reside in.